Through a comprehensive and systemic approach to analyzing client needs, we offer a full range of consulting, education, and customer information systems.

    Our expertise allows us to offer the following services:

      1. Consulting Information Technology

        • Analyzing and identifying the needs of customers in terms of information technology to improve their productivity
        • Conducting studies on the choice and implementation of technologies or information systems based on identified need
        • Advising and assisting customers during the development of different policies related to the implementation process of these technologies
        • Assisting business managers during the various stages of planning and deploying technology solutions.

          2. Analysis, design and implementation of technological solutions

            • Information system
            • Computer networks
            • Virtualization Solutions
            • Applications integrated with office suites and material resources or management software, financial and human resources

              3. Analysis, design and implementation of document management systems

                • Administrative document management system (classification system, scanning, storage and archiving, etc.)
                • Collaborative systems and electronic document management
                • Public and Special libraries

                  4. Computer network system analysis and related security

                    • Development and implementation of security policy and computer networks access
                    • Implementation of firewall and advanced system protection for computer networks
                    • Analysis and security audit of computer networks (vulnerability, alert and intrusion detection, etc.)
                    • Implementation of secure wireless network systems

                      5. Design, marketing and sale of computer equipment

                        • Original equipment (OEM) sales and assembly
                        • Agents our partners with registered trademarks

                          6. Technical support and maintenance of computer hardware and software

                            • Computer system
                            • Computer network management services (internal and external)
                            • Computer network system analysis and security service
                            • Cloud service of computer data backup with partners in this area

                              7. Agents of computer and electronic equipment

                                8. Technology transfer to emerging market countries

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